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"Life is But a Dream"
"Dance Me to the End of Love"
"The Escort, Et Cetera" 
"The Escort II--Princess and the Surrogate"
"The Escort III--Son of an Escort"
"Under the Purple Moon"
"Under the Cover of Darkness"
"To Love and To Cheat"
"You Danced On My Dreams: Beyond the Ballroom"
"Sis Loyalty"
"Journey Intuition"

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Writer's Digest Judges' Reviews


Note: In some cases, the entire judge's review is not displayed to avoid spoilers and surprise endings

Under the Purple Moon

Judge, 29th Annual Writer's Digest Self-Published Awards

"The format is easy to read, and the chapters are of good length with cliffhangers that will make a reader not want to stop reading."

"The title will draw in most readers while the cover image, of a woman on a rocky beach writing on a laptop with a bottle of wine next to her, gives readers a hint about the plot."

"The plot starts out contemporary in nature before taking an unusual twist into the paranormal. This is NOT your everyday romance novel, but saying too much more about the plot will reveal secrets that the reader needs to discover by themselves. The description of the Napa valley is lovely."

"The emotional journey of the main character, Tess, hits more lows than highs and each of those lows get more terrifying while the dynamics between Tess and the men in her life-Grant, Vincent, Jackson, and Nolan-have the reader wondering who will win her heart."

"The writing is very good. She makes the main characters either unable to save themselves, or they refuse to talk in order to fix a relationship problem."

"The story line includes sexual situations that are not too graphic. Some are lovely, but others are scary moments. The secret ‘man’ in Tess’s life is very scary and abusive. Secondary characters bring more problems to the main character’s lives. A life-threatening car crash on page 94 adds to a race toward an ending that will satisfy the reader."


Journey Intuition
"Excellent opener, with realistic dialogue and engaging character voices. Their voices have hooked us well, and we're eager to go forward into their story...The author has structured the story so well and shares big info blocks with great instinct. Well done. Good twists throughout, especially at the end of the book... Author has layered this book well, with so many engaging moments. Well done."
Writer's Digest Rating (March 2020) On a scale from 1 - 5 (5=outstanding):
Structure, Organization, Pacing: 4
Spelling, Punctuation, and Grammar: 4
Production Quality and Cover Design: 5
Plot and Story Appeal: 5
Character Appeal and Development: 5
Voice and Writing Style: 5

You Danced on My Dreams: Beyond the Ballroom...
"Enter the world of ballroom dancing! Theresa E. Liggins, in You Danced on My Dreams, takes the reader into the apparently glamorous cut throat world of ballroom dancing lessons, teachers and students. With an audience hooked on Dancing with the Stars, books like this have ready made readers just waiting. Tyana and Antonio carry this tale for the most part. They are dancing and business partners as well as being romantically involved to the extent of being engaged to be married.
Antonio has a great following of wealthy women who expect more than dancing from him. Tyana’s working in the same venue offers her little protection from Antonio’s would be predators and thereby hangs the tale. The narrative moves along quickly and efficiently with glimpses into competition in this world of dance including practice, preparation, travel, costuming and so much more.
Tyana’s eventual withdrawal from Antonio and his delays give the plot its most interesting twist leading to a welcome surprise ending. There are a few clues along the way so the surprise is not total but is sweet and welcome. Lovers of dance and romance will enjoy this book, as will those who like unexpected satisfying endings. The book should do well in the mass market."
Writer's Digest (February 1, 2017), overall rating (from 1 - 5): 4

To Love and To Cheat...
"I liked the flow of the story. While this type of novel is not my cup of tea I did enjoy the way in which the story unfolded. I also liked, albeit in an uncomfortable manner, how many of the altercations that took place between the characters was palpable. You had a sense while reading it that you could cut the tension with a knife. Ultimately, I think it was how uncomfortable this book made you feel while reading it in certain situations that made me want to know more."
Writer's Digest (January 10, 2013), overall rating (from 1 - 5): 3

The Escort II--Princess and the Surrogate...
"The front cover is attractive and offers a beautiful skyline with the title in a large font that stands out and is likely to grab the attention of potential readers. The back cover copy is interesting and intriguing enough to "seal the deal." Ms. Liggins has created compelling characters and written a story that should please readers of both romance and literary works. The story concept is age-old but with a contemporary twist. This author does an excellent job of describing scenes, setting, and characters' external appearances."
Writer's Digest Review 2005 

The Escort III--Son of an Escort...
"This is a story with extremely complex relationships from the various marriages and the surrogate and natural children. It is a view into a life style of which few people would have any knowledge. Family dynamics are quite unusual. The cover relates quite well to the story."
Writer's Digest Review 2006

Dance Me to the End of Love...
"This is truly an intriguing romance silhouetted against the unique background of ballroom dancing. This is a subject that I'm sure will fascinate all your readers. The characters are intriguing and three dimensional and I loved Tyana--a heroine I could care about--and so will the readers."
Writer's Digest Review 2004

Journey Intuition

Journey Intuition...

The villain in this story is relentless! Satisfying to witness Journey's ability to overcome her incredible situation."


Journey Intuition...

 "I was absolutely thrilled with this book! The edgy twists made me ignore my chores for 3 days in a row. Journey’s decisions kept the plot suspenseful to the end."

Alice, Columbus, OH overall rating: 5 hearts

Sis Loyalty

Sis Loyalty...
"Captivating! This was a very enjoyable read that takes you on an emotional rollercoaster! It was very hard to put this book down and go
back to real life before finishing it and during those "breaks" I would constantly daydream about what was going to happen next!
I recommend this book for every type of reader!"
An Amazon Customer


Sis Loyalty...
"Thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. I have read a couple but this one explained a lot of background information that is very helpful.
Jasmine, CJ and Charlotte have a lot that had happened in their lives but in the end....Sis Loyalty wins. Thanks for this awesome reading."
Lynn, Pompano Beach, FL overall rating: 5 hearts


Sis Loyalty...
"The book is full of drama, which makes it hard to put down. I don't read romance novels, but I enjoyed Sis Loyalty. Theresa is a great author!"
Jeanette, Columbus, OH 


Sis Loyalty...
"I enjoyed Sis Loyalty. The rides the book took you on. I liked you couldn't tell the race of each character and how they caught up. Read the
the first 4 chapters, but I will not rush reading to emjoy every page turning page ."
Pamela, Coumbus, OH


Sis Loyalty...
"Good book. I liked the way the characters stories pulled me through the book."
Cheryl, Columbus, OH


Sis Loyalty...
"Write a book on Jasmine! You did an amazing job!! I will always be a reader of your novels!!"
Nicole, Columbus, OH


Sis Loyalty...
"Great plot and twists. I like the balance of romance & suspense."
Nichelle, Columbus, OH


Sis Loyalty...
"Although I haven't yet finished, I feel the book had a great start. I've enjoyed learning about the relationship dynamics between
the sisters. I can't wait to finish & find out how it ends!"
Natalie, Columbus, OH

You Danced on My Dreams

Beyond the Ballroom

You Danced on My Dreams - Beyond the Ballroom...
"Hi Theresa, Your book was very interesting and challenging to read. Challenging because you made the characters come alive, yet, they seem so devious and interesting at the same time. It was truly a book well written and I really enjoyed reading it. Much success on your next book."
Brenda, Columbus, OH overall rating: 4 hearts

You Danced on My Dreams - Beyond the Ballroom...
"You Danced On My Dreams: Beyond the Ballroom was an awesome read! The characters in the book had so much depth and life, that it makes it impossible for one to put down! The author did such an amazing job bringing the characters to life and unfolding the plot, that it left me wanting more and more! If your looking for an great read, you need to look no further this is it!"
Aleshia, Columbus, OH overall rating: 5 hearts

You Danced on My Dreams - Beyond the Ballroom...
"I truly enjoyed this novel. I found it to be a great read and was able to visualize each character(especially the women "hanging all over Antonio"). Lot's of drama plus the ending pleasantly surprised me. Now I need to purchase the other novels by this author to see what else she has to offer. My, my, my...If you want to read a novel that will keep your attention and make you wonder what in the heck is going to happen next,you have got to read this book. You talk about passion, cliffhangers and and an ending that will make you say "what?...huh? Awaiting a sequel. Need I say more?"
Patricia, Dayton, OH overall rating: 5 hearts

You Danced on My Dreams - Beyond the Ballroom...
"Wonderful conclusion to the Dance series. Enough twists to keep me turning the pages, but not enough to make me say "wait...what?" Vivid descriptions, multi-dimensional characters, and an enticing plot drew me in, and I believe anyone who picks up this book will not be able to put it down until they reach the last page!"
Michael, Dayton, OH overall rating: 5 hearts

You Danced on My Dreams - Beyond the Ballroom...
"Loved the plot and the book was well written. There were many characters in the dance studio I would have liked to know more about their lives. I loved the was quite the cliffhanger. I was glad she found her strength to put herself first. It was an easy read and I would recommend it to friends."
Nadia, Columbus, OH overall rating: 3 hearts

To Love and To Cheat

To Love and To Cheat...
"This book was hot. It was interesting to have the main character who is a woman behave like most male gigglelo. You almost need a cigaret after some of her rendezvous. This book was a good escape from reality."
Nadia, Pickerington, OH overall rating: 4 hearts


To Love and To Cheat...
"From the opening of the very first chapter to the very end of the story, I found the story gripping, suspenseful, and imaginatively stimulating. The title and the book cover present a clever ambiguity that immediately intrigued me. As I began reading I was pleasantly surprised as the story turned out to be completely different than what I had expected. The story actually centers on a woman who takes a vow to never fall in love, and her method is quite simple: commitment-free affairs with married men. For a while she is living her perfect life, getting what she needs whenever she needs it. Then slowly her perfect life starts to unravel until it gets to the point where it is just a big, hot mess. The author also presents the perspective of those in her life that are affected and consequently brought down with her. The characters in the story are easy to identify with and it’s apparent the author really gets inside of the characters as she’s writing about them. The book is a very easy read, as the author adheres to a consistent, delicately balanced writing style that would appeal to a general audience without compromising any intellectual value. The story also has quite a few twists that will keep the reader in suspense, but the author is also careful to not lose the reader. As the story gets closer to the ending, I found myself thinking “Wow, this can go in so many different directions” and I couldn’t wait to discover which direction the author chose. The chosen ending played out nicely and to this day I’m still anxious to find out if the author will write alternate endings to compliment this piece. Perhaps I’ve watched one too many DVDs and should read more. I think I’ll start with this author’s collection."
Anthony, Smyrna, DE overall rating: 5 hearts

To Love and To Cheat...
"TLATC is a very plausible drama, written with a precise attention to detail and believability. There was never a point in time that I did not believe the events therein could not happen to me or my friends, or that the dialogue was something that we would not say if we were in the middle of those events. While the story provides a twist to the norm from the very beginning (a woman who has decided that her entire love life will be one grand affair with married men), it never provides the opportunity for me to disbelieve; to the contrary, it pulled me more into itself by appealing to my empathetic reasoning with strong characters and their interactions that I could relate to, understand, and see within my own circles of friends. Likewise, the plot twists, while plentiful, never provided for a "C'mon man" moment, but made me turn the page to challenge my own thoughts as to what might happen. I believe that anyone who reads this book would find the realism to be just as magnetic and entertaining, and ultimately find themselves a bit surprised by this work of fiction."
Michael, Dayton, OH overall rating: 5 hearts

To Love and To Cheat...
"Every work of fiction is a philosophical meditation. It creates characters who make choices given a set of circumstances. It makes us think, what would I do. Through this process we examine our own ethical and moral choices. A work of fiction is good in my opinion if it invites you far enough into a character's psyche so that you can see the choices presented from his or her perspective. The process (a civilizing one - See Steven Pinker's recent non-fiction book "The Angels of Our Better Nature: Why Violence Has Declined") is how we empathize with the character and consequently with other members of the human family. Stories entertain no doubt, but they also serve a higher purpose - helping us to understand one another. The more we know about each other the less likely we are to kill one another (one of Steven Pinker's points),
With the higher purpose of story-writing as my guide, I consider To Love and To Cheat a first rate work of fiction. Through the circumstances of Holly's life and the choices that she and her lovers make, we come to consider deep and mysterious realities of the human condition - we love and we lust, we are vulnerable and we are defensive. Mixed up in these emotions is the philosophical question of what is the right thing to do - ethics. How do we fulfill our implied obligations to another person or a group of people with whom we are connected? When are we being "evil" and when are we just being "weak?" Does it make a difference? For entertaining me while seducing me to ponder these questions the book gets my two thumbs up."
Aaron, Atlanta, GA overall rating: 4 hearts


To Love and To Cheat...
"Well written, Theresa! I really enjoyed reading the book. Jared is my favorite character, showcasing true friendship!"
Chidi, Columbus, OH overall rating: 5 hearts

To Love and To Cheat (Preview Chapters)...
"I was pressed to my computer screen reading the book. This is not my genre of choice, but I was taken in by the story and couldn't put it down."
Aaron, Atlanta, GA overall rating: 4 hearts

Under the Cover of Darkness

Under the Cover of Darkness...
"This sequel did an excellent job answering my previously lingering questions from "Under the Purple Moon." I would have never imagined such an emotional roller coaster ride for Tess and Nolan. I highly recommend both books. Great job Ms. Liggins! respectfully, Joe Battle"
Joe, Dayton, OH overall rating: 4 hearts

Under the Purple Moon

Under the Purple Moon...
" I began reading your novel to Carla and she anticipated some things that happened early on leading us to believe the rest of the book would be fairly predictable...not the case. By the time I finished chapter 2, she wanted to hear much so that she began to split the chapters with me and began to read to me. You definitely had us hooked by chapter 5 and on. We finished up the last couple of nights just reading before we turned in for the night. I like your choice of vehicles (Nolan's Z06) but was saddened to read it was totaled in his accident. Carla finds humor in your description of Nolan's pride and connection with his vehicle because I too have a corvette which is my pride and joy and I often take it out for stress release. Long story short (I's too late) we are both loving your book. We are about halfway through it and will no doubt finish in the next two weeks."
Joe, Dayton, OH, overall rating:

Under the Purple Moon...
"I totally enjoyed from cover to cover! Great story!"
Kelly, Columbus, OH, overall rating: 5 hearts

Under the Purple Moon...
"Must read Under the Purple Moon first... can't wait to buy Under the Cover of Darkness. Theresa you have a very creative writing style, your book was a real page-turner, I could not put it down. Blessings."
LeAnna, Dallas, TX, overall rating:

Under the Purple Moon...
"Just a beautiful story! It has it all --- suspense, mystery, love, and surprises! It makes the reader think about their past and wish they could "do over" some things. If parts of this book don't bring tears to your eyes ----- well.... Also, another great ending that makes you think and HOPE there will be a sequal."
Chris, Columbus, Ohio, Overall rating: 5 hearts

Under the Purple Moon...
"Each book is better than the last.  Just like your other readers, I'm putting in my vote for a sequel to this story."
Veronica, Columbus, Ohio, Overall rating: 5 hearts

Under the Purple Moon...
"Theresa, I was a bit hesitant after reading the first two chapters because it did not give me much to go on.  However, once I reached the third chapter, I was intrigued and off I was - racing to get to the end.  I was mystified by the control that Grant had over Tess.  I was glad that her best friend experienced a taste of Grant which made Tess stories believable.  My heart was breaking for Nolan the entire time - wondering if he would ever have an opportunity to love Tess ever.  I cried for Tess with so many twist and turns she experienced.  Yes, I wondered if I would cry at some point and towards the end, I found myself with a box of tissue trying to hope for the best for Tess and Nolan.  I felt it was a quick read which is what I enjoy when I wrap myself up into romance novels.  Thanks for writing this book around the area we both love (Napa).  Again, another job well done Theresa.  Congratulations and keep the books coming."
Marilyn, Antioch, California, Overall rating: 4 hearts

Under the Purple Moon...
"I loved this book.  Can't wait for a sequel. I need to know what's in store for these characters.  Not to mention that this has increased my longing to return to San Francisco.   Great mix Theresa of romance, suspense and even a little horror thrown in there.  Enough to make me sleep with the lights on.  A very quick read, kept me wondering right up until the end. Did I mention I'm already patiently waiting on the sequel."
Lisa, Worthington, Ohio, Overall rating: 5 hearts

Under the Purple Moon...
"I am not much of a romance novel reader, but I finished the book "Under The Purple Moon" in just a few days...  I liked it a lot! The cover was stunning. Interesting and believable characters.  The storyline had several great twists in it that kept me turning the pages to find out what was going to happen next.  I can't believe I actually read a romance novel.  I will be reading more...I hope there is a sequel."
Candice, Santa Rosa, California, Overall rating: 5 hearts

The Escort III - Son of an Escort

The Escort III--Son of an Escort...
"Very exciting with unexpected twists and turns."
Nichelle, Columbus, Ohio, overall rating: 4 hearts

The Escort II - Princess & the Surrogate

The Escort, Et Cetera & The Escort II--Princess and the Surrogate...
"I received the books in the mail on February 17th and began reading the book on the eve of February 18th. Having made a hair appointment for the morning of the 19th, I decided to bring the book along.  Two and 1/2 hours later, to my amazement, I had read several chapters (note: without my glasses). I loved the type print and the chapters flowed easily from one to another. I found myself thinking about what Sebastien would do next - or better yet - who would he get involved with. Needless to say, each time I found myself as a passenger in the vehicle, the book went with us. I finished the book on the eve of 2/21 and quickly grabbed the contiuation - The Escort II. My girlfriend came by and was intriqued as I had gotten her your other two books for a gift. Now that I have read book 1, on to book 2 and will anticipate a book 3 - I will be purchasing these two for other friends that I think can handle a "little" heat." 
Marilyn, Antioch, California, overall rating: 3 hearts

The Escort II--Princess and the Surrogate...
"I loved the twist that the book takes near the end. The story really holds your attention the whole time you're reading it, making you never want to put it down. The last couple chapters kept me up into the wee hours of the night!"
Nichelle, Columbus, Ohio, overall rating: 4 hearts

The Escort Series...
"I read a lot of books and your escort el books the previews I read is great. The keep you wanting to read more. I'm going to order all three books. Keep the books coming with this type of suspense in them."
Virginia, Columbus, Ohio


The Escort II--Princess and the Surrogate...
"I really enjoyed reading this book. I didn't want it to end. I am excited to know that there will be another edition of The Escort."
Veronica, Columbus, Ohio, overall rating: 5 hearts


The Escort II--Princess and the Surrogate...
"Amazing journey of emotions, something was always happening to keep the reader rivited. I loved the characters and feel as if I know them. Unforgettable sequel!"
Renee, Chicago, Illinois, overall rating: 5 hearts


The Escort II--Princess and the Surrogate...
"This was a great sequel to The Escort Et Cetera which I recommend should be read first. Super twists and turns and surprises. Couldn't put it down! I became emotionally attached to several of the characters and wished the book didn't have to end. When will your next book be published? Can't wait!"
Chris, Canal Winchester, Ohio, overall rating: 5 hearts


The Escort, Et Cetera & The Escort II -- Princess and the Surrogate...
"I loved the last two books I want the first two." 
Alicia, Westerville, Ohio,

The Escort, Et Cetera

The Escort, Et Cetera

"The internal struggles of the main character trying to run his business and manage the feelings of everyone involved kept me turning pages. A fun read!"


The Escort, Et Cetera...
"Theresa - I loved the book from beginning to end. The characters were very believable. This was the first of your publications I have read and I can't wait to start the next book. Congratulations and continued success."
Lynn, Cincinnati, Ohio, overall rating: 5 hearts


The Escort, Et Cetera...
"Excellent story - real, relatable characters. Can't wait for the sequel!"
Unsigned, overall rating: 5 hearts


The Escort, Et Cetera...
"Not the typical romance novel, with lots of twists and turns to captivate and entice the reader. Unpredictable ending sticks with you and keeps you wanting more."
Renee, Chicago, Illinois, overall rating: 5 hearts


The Escort, Et Cetera...
"This was an attention can't put it down. Where is the sequal??"
Denise, Grove City, Ohio, overall rating: 2 hearts


The Escort, Et Cetera...
"The book cover was not appealing to me but Theresa, you've got an imagination, that's for sure. Did you say there's a sequal...can't wait to get reading."
Amanda, Pataskala, Ohio, overall rating: 3 hearts
Author's Comment: Thank you, Amanda. The original book cover wasn't appealing to me, either. We've since updated the cover. I truly appreciate your honest feedback!
Theresa E. Liggins


The Escort, Et Cetera...
"The Escort kept my interest from start to finish. I could hardly put it down. It definitely draws out several emotions. I understand a sequel is in the works. PLEASE HURRY!!!!"
Chris, Canal Winchester, Ohio, overall rating: 5 hearts


The Escort, Et Cetera...
"I was impressed, great story got to the point I didn't want to put the book down. I am impressed and very proud of Theresa for her writing skills, she has a dream and does an excellant jobs in her writing. Please keep writing !! I have a new sense when I see a Black Limo drive by....." 
Joe, Dublin, Ohio, overall rating: 3 hearts

Dance Me to the End of Love

Dance Me to the End of Love...
"From a dancer's standpoint, I'd like to have seen more dancing. Great story!"
Jose, Columbus, Ohio, overall rating: 5 hearts


Dance Me to the End of Love...
"Charlotte, Charlotte, Charlotte! The character you love to hate! I love what Theresa did with the story and the development of the characters from the first book. A must-read sequel!"
Michael, Dayton, Ohio, overall rating: 5 hearts

Dance Me to the End of Love...
"Thank you for the invitation. JoLynn and I are looking forward to finding out what happens in the sequel."
Jeff, Columbus, Ohio


Dance Me to the End of Love...
"Woo, I did not expect so much drama but it made the book interesting and was worth reading. I wish there was more to the ending."
Amanda, Pataskala, Ohio, overall rating: 2 hearts


Dance Me to the End of Love...
"Great book; awesome characters; strong storyline."
Gayle, Columbus, Ohio, overall rating: 4 hearts


Dance Me to the End of Love...
"I enjoyed this book; I couldn't put it down."
Brenda, Columbus, Ohio, overall rating: 5 hearts


Dance Me to the End of Love...
"This is my first time reading your books. I love your style of writing, very captivating throughout the whole book. I have a family member who is a famous author but let me tell you girl you're much better at writing. Just between us, I'm more interested in dancing than the Mafia. Loved your second book, starting on the first and will definately read the 3rd and 4th."
Celeste, Columbus, Ohio, overall rating: 5 hearts


Dance Me to the End of Love...
"Excellent sequel to Life Is But a Dream. Immediately picked up where it left off. Again kept my interest from start to finish and again I identified with with the characters. Loved it and can't wait until your next book."
Chris, Canal Winchester, Ohio, overall rating: 5 hearts

Life is But a Dream

Life is But a Dream...
"I felt as if I was in dancing shoes along with Tyanna. This book will dare you to reach for any dream that you have. A love novel you can't put down."
Margie, Kinston, NC, Overall rating: 5 hearts


Life is But a Dream...
"Love the 1st book and can't wait to get through the 2nd one. You go girl!"
Amanda, Pataskala, Ohio, overall rating: 1 heart


Life is But a Dream...
"Loved this book and the characters. Kept my interest from the first page to the last. Very unexpected ending. Eager to get started on "Dance Me to the End of Love" to see what happens next."
Lisa, Worthington, Ohio, overall rating: 8Dance Me to the End of Love...
"Theresa, I happen to read your book I received from a friend. I was traveling and decided to grab it on my way out of the house for the long flight and I'm glad I did. Great book!"


Life is But a Dream...
"The ending was clever! I loved the story. Thank you!"
Unsigned, overall rating: 5 hearts


Life is But a Dream...
"Excellent introduction of solid characters, and strong storyline. Sexy and sensual, without being crude - much like a slow dance."
Michael, Dayton, Ohio, overall rating: 4 hearts

Life is But a Dream...
"I enjoyed Life Is But A Dream. Well written with a lot of twist and turns. I was really surprised with the ending."
LaDonna, Westerville, Ohio, overall rating: 5 hearts

Life is But a Dream...
"I like the story line simply because I felt that I could relate to the main characters. I liked the surprised ending as well."
Amanda, Pataskala, Ohio, overall rating: 1 heart

Life is But a Dream...
"I'm not a reader of novels, but I found your books delightful, tantalizing, full of surprises. I couldn't put the book down!!"
Mary, Columbus, Ohio, overall rating: 5 hearts

Life is But a Dream...
"Kept my interest throughout. I could identify with the characters and read the book in two days. Excellent surprise ending. Loved it!!!"
Chris, Canal Winchester, Ohio, overall rating: 5 hearts

General Comments

"Theresa, WOW! I am so proud of you! This is absolutely wonderful. I will read and begin to keep up with your writings ... you can count on my support."
Virginia, Texas


"What a beautiful and engaging website - you have a new item to add to your ever-growing list of talents! I can't wait to read your second book. This time, I'll try not get distracted and *really* focus on what I'm reading!" 
Lorelei, Columbus, Ohio


"Theresa, I'm very happy & Proud of you with living your dream." 
Joe, Dublin, Ohio


"Congratulations!!!! Best wishes for many more BEST SELLERS......"
Love ya, Renita, Maryland


"What a nicely developed website! I am looking forward to starting your second novel. Continued success in your endeavors." 
LaDonna, Westerville, Ohio


"I guess interior decorators do make good web designers." 
Thom, Columbus, Ohio


"Hey T!!! Very professional. I like your site!!!" 
Jaiden, Dublin, Ohio

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