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The Ultimate Mastering Your

My mission is to first educate you on how credit works, then empower you to take control of your financial blueprint, so you can excel to an excellent credit score!

Increasing our knowledge on things like finances and credit scoring is not always at the top of our list of things to do because we're busy, or we feel tired, frustrated, or perhaps overwhelmed, particularly, in the area of finance. Does that sound familiar?


Or sometimes we think we know enough already and, therefore, we miss out on unique opportunities  and options that are, most likely, better suited for our specific needs.

Theresa's method for educating and empowering her clients are based on one solid principle: mind shift. It's that simple! Once you shift the way you've always felt about money, in general, going forward, you'll feel liberated, confident, and back in control of your financial future and more!


Let's get started!

3x Your Credit Score

When is the best time to maximize your creditworthiness? NOW!

What is the best way to increase your credit score? By enrolling in The Ultimate Mastering Your Credit Boot Camp, of course!

Get real answers about what your credit says about you and how you can become a credit warrior.

When you enroll in The Ultimate Mastering Your Credit Boot Camp, we will help you get out of credit trouble, or help you avoid getting into credit trouble in the first place, by instructing you on how to:

  • avoid the 5 sure-fire ways you can ruin your credit

  • discover 8 surprising ways you can increase your credit score

  • understand and apply the simple "Dos" and "Don'ts" about credit to get you on your way to an excellent credit score!

3x Your Credit Score is your passport to becoming BOSS to your credit!

Theresa Liggins
is a member of the

Elusive 850 Club!

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Boot Camp Registrations are now open! 


Did you know that 55% of Americans want to feel better about their credit score?

If that is you, you've come to the right place. We'll make you feel BOSS about your credit score!

The Ultimate Mastering Your Credit Boot Camp was designed for anyone who wants to


Do you have what it takes to be the next

boot camp survivor?

  • Stop paying higher interest rates because of a low credit score

  • Stop feeling embarrassed when creditors look at your credit score

  • Stop missing out on the money-saving advantages that come with having a higher credit score


Enrolling in The Ultimate Mastering Your

Credit Boot Camp

  • Learn the 5 ways you may be ruining your credit!

  • Discover 8 surprising ways you can increase your credit score!

  • Know the Dos and Don'ts about credit!

  • And, MORE!


Don't let logistics keep you feeling blah or ashamed about your credit score. Get enrolled in the credit boot camp now and start feeling excited and proud of your credit score!

To learn more about the boot camp and to enroll, click Enroll Now!

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To leave the Ultimate Credit Warrior a message or enroll in The Ultimate Mastering Your Credit Boot Camp, simply fill out the form.



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