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It’s said that everyone possesses some degree of intuition, that voice inside that is meant to guide us when we’re stuck and unable to logically decide one way or another. This inherent quality may overpower some more than others, like Journey Lucas. In her case, initially unbeknownst to her, this gift consumes her. She sensed she was different than most when she began to experience premonitions of impending perils—for others. But while her premonitions were still foreign to her, she was unable to accurately predict an unspeakable peril awaiting a loved one close to her. That missed opportunity nearly destroyed her. Vowing to never go through that again, she resigned her prestigious law career in exchange for a crystal-ball lifestyle, so she could be that judiciary voice for those stuck at the crossroads of life. But would her psychic powers be enough to warn her of the disasters awaiting her around each corner? When her own life is in imminent danger from the one she trusted the most, will her premonitions be there to save her from an abusive monster, or will she face her own hung jury?

Journey Intuition has a little bit of everything: hot passion, hopeless romance, gripping suspense, indescribable grief, unbounded courage, and most of all, a kick-ass best friend!

Synopsis...Journey Intuition

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Does what happens in Vegas always stay in Vegas?

Well, she's baaack! Charlotte, who's been the nemesis everyone loves to hate, and who was forced to change her insidious ways as a result of an open and shut custody case, grows restless after she lost parental control of her twin daughters. As a distraction to her troubles, she agrees to a weekend soirée in Sin City with her two estranged sisters, Jasmine and C.J., to celebrate her birthday--a birthay that would, otherwise, be spent alone.

The three sisters, whose careers, lifestyles and hair colors are miles apart, converge on the Strip with one purpose in mind, to reconnect as the family they once were.

After a spirited night out, with their guards down in the Parasol Up, this trifecta of beauty, brains, and bankrolls shares deep, dark and dirty secrets about themselves during a harmless game of "Truth or Dare." One secret in particular piqued Charlotte's curiosity and awakened her old, scheming ways. Will her familiar shenanigans cost her the loyalty of her sisters, and more critically, gamble away her daughters' trust? Or will she straddle the straight and narrow and prove once and for all that she is capable of reform and is worthy of everyone's newfound respect?

The stakes are high in this spin-off drama from Liggins', "You Danced On My Dreams--beyond the ballroom." The sisters bet it all on their loyalty. Find out who will cash in and who will crap out.

Synopsis...Sis Loyalty

Sis Loyalty.png


All Tyana Dominique wants is the wedding of her dreams, a baby to cherish, and to waltz under the stars with her enchanting fiancé and partner in dance and in romance, Antonio Lorenzo. She uses sheer talent and graceful mastery to be the true champion that she is on the ballroom dance floor. Championing her way into the arms of the most sought-out dance instructor in the region, she annihilates her competition in the process.

YOU DANCED ON MY DREAMS! (BEYOND THE BALLROOM) will sweep you off your feet with graceful ballroom dancing—the connective tissue, which brought Tyana and her zealous partner, Antonio, to their fiery passionate heights (in and out of the ballroom). Ellis will pull you in with his strategy to abandon his safe, pretentious lifestyle in order to recapture his lost true love. Tyana will lure your heart with her tug-of-love for the two things she wants more than anything, to have a family and to dance with her Prince Charming. And, Antonio, oh Antonio, he'll seduce you with his magnetic personality and his Latin flare, and will leave you wanting more.

In no time, I bet you’ll find yourself rooting for either Team Ellis or Team Antonio when Tyana finds herself at the crossroads of destiny and desire. 

This romanticized drama is not strictly ballroom! What you discover beyond the ballroom will have your head spinning and will send your pulse pounding!

Synopsis...You Danced on My

               Dreams! (Beyond the Ballroom)

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Sebastién Marcelis’ adventurous life couldn’t be more rewarding for him, financially. He was escorting some of the most elite women in decadently as a result. His unique occupation has allowed him to travel the world and live a zestful life. His dashing, sexy good looks, charismatic personality and unfaltering charm have kept him in demand for his services. Consequently, he has unintentionally stolen the hearts of his clients. The attention he provides has surpassed their wildest expectations.

Sebastién had never had the desire to fall in love, by design. But he finds himself faced with decisions of the heart when he meets Natalya Armanni. Against his practice and power to resist love’s force, he can't ignore his heart longing for her. However, falling in love could either mean concealing his lifestyle or confessing the truth and risk losing the love of his life. When he follows his instincts, life is good until a possessively insidious client learns of his diversion and takes matters into her own hands.

Sebastién encountered new obstacles that would also test his purpose to love. Will he be determined to fight for love, making sacrifices, or will true love pass him by?

Synopsis...The Escort, Et Cetera



Supermodel and Escort Collide on the Runway of Life

Spawned from THE ESCORT, ET CETERA, the drama continues with Sebastién Marcelis facing an arduous decision that could reshape his future as the most sought-after male escort in the Windy City.

Princess Spencer, the beautiful, talented supermodel and devoted mother of Sebastién’s son, because of an emergency hysterectomy, seeks out the perfect surrogate and donor to provide her a baby. However, she’s crushed by the harsh rejection from her love interest and ideal seed for her baby.

While Sebastién’s incessant focus on his business leaves him unattainable to all suitors, his heart remains hopelessly available to one extraordinary woman. Will he once again be forced to choose between his love for her and his loyalty to Princess and their son?

Look for the riveting continuation of this series, THE ESCORT III—SON OF AN ESCORT.

Synopsis...The Escort ll

                Princess & the Surrogate

Escort II.png



If you enjoyed "THE ESCORT, ET CETERA" and "THE ESCORT II—PRINCESS AND THE SURROGATE," you’ll love the sequel, "THE ESCORT III—SON OF AN ESCORT." Theresa E Liggins presents this alluring follow-up to her heart-felt dramas by continuing the trials of Sebastién Marcelis, as he attempts to live up to his devoted lover’s wishes—to raise their son nobly.

Princess left her son, Darius, in the care of her only true love and hero. However, no one counted on Princess also leaving behind her private diary detailing her innermost secrets.  And no one counted on that diary being discovered by seventeen year old Darius. Here he learns, for the first time, that his father once covertly engaged as a highly sought-after escort and that his mother paid him handsomely and regularly for his services! 

Shocked to learn that one of their paid encounters spawned his existence, Darius’ curiosity about his father’s occupation began to intrigue him. Consequently, the discovery of the infamous diary altered the many lives it touched along the way.

The fallout from the diary’s debut doesn’t deter Darius’ fascination and curiosity, though. This dynamic and conclusive story takes the readers into the hearts and souls of these powerful characters, as they each deal with the reality of the existence of such a scandalous entity.

Synopsis...The Escort lll

                           - Son of an Escort 

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Have your secretly cheated in your relationship? Have you been tempted to cheat?

TO LOVE AND TO CHEAT is a controversial twist on the "to love and to cherish" wedding vow. Set in Denver, Colorado, thirty-five year-old flight attendant, Holly Anderson, resorts to a sacrilegious lifestyle, motivated by her dysfunctional twist on self-preservation--preferring commitment-free intimacy from many over the complication of love from one. Compelled to do the unthinkable even to her--trysts with married men who are already primed for extramarital events--Holly vows never to crash and burn into love again, and thumbs her nose up at traditional relationships. The older and more established men, with whom she engages, gratefully pamper her with a lavish lifestyle as reciprocity for drama-free and endless passion.

No sooner than you can say "drama-free," Holly goes berserk over the discovery of a deceiftful plan. Handsome and very single Kevin Summerfield, one of Holly's most memorable suitors who is also secretly enarmored with her, is discovered disguising himself as a married man. What happens next after Kevin's foolish plot blows up in his face forever changes the lives of many in an unforgettable way.

TO LOVE AND TO CHEAT is Theresa Liggins' eighth novel and romantic drama. This three-year project delves into the unpredictable and predictable nuances of cheating, but strategically from a mistress' perspective.

Synopsis...To Love and To Cheat

To Love and To Cheat.png

Synopsis...Under the Purple Moon

Even Tess couldn’t have orchestrated this “meet-cute” with a young, attractive San Francisco architect if she’d written the scene herself.

When Tess Simóne meets Nolan Reynolds on a secluded and quaint Northern California coastal beach in Jenner, it wasn’t exactly the inspiration she was seeking while composing her next bestseller. In fact, she wasn’t searching for a leading man for her book or her own life, for that matter. But Nolan was instantly smitten over the unapproachable writer on the beach. He tried everything he could think of to get Tess to respond favorably, while Tess only tried his patience. It wasn’t that Tess didn’t find her intruder charming, and although, much younger than she; it was her fear of falling for someone whom she couldn’t love because of the secret waiting for her in her villa overlooking scenic Napa Valley. Tess had fallen in love once before, but that relationship was met with tragic consequences.

However, Nolan would not take ‘no’ for an answer and persistently pursued Tess, despite her pleas to give up and leave her alone, until one fateful day when his attempts to capture Tess’s heart, once and for all, were challenged, and he was unmatched.

Under the Purple Moon is part one of a suspenseful, two-part thriller that will also take you on a tour of the beautiful Napa Valley and the surrounding region. Look for the sequel, Under the Cover of Darkness, to continue the drama that may have you thinking twice about turning off the lights at night.

Under the Purple Moon.png


Under the Cover of Darkness is the sequel saga to Under the Purple Moon where we were introduced to the antagonizing paranormal entity targeting renowned author, Tess Simóne, in her idyllic villa overlooking scenic Napa Valley.

The story continues in the San Francisco Bay Area where Tess, her husband, Nolan Reynolds, and their sixteen-month-old son, Tristen, are safe, happy, and free from the terrorizing force that had nearly destroyed their lives prior to the birth of Tristen.

When Tess, at the objection of Nolan, resumes her beloved career, and travels alone to New York City to launch her new book, she is met with a familiar sinister presence. The eeriness that engulfs her clouds her judgment and she takes refuge under the protection of long-time friend and colleague, Jackson Geary, who has always carried a torch for Tess. When Nolan stumbles upon his wife’s regrettable entanglement, Nolan’s visceral reaction and their broken bond will leave Tess vulnerable to continued menacing threats upon her and her family at proportions which no one could have foreseen.

With a family left destroyed and struggling to find the love that brought them together, and repair the bond that protects them, we witness their pain, their resolve, their betrayal, and we’re left asking “what else could this family endure?” Never ask, “what else?” We find out in this suspenseful drama, Under the Cover of Darkness.

This thriller series, Under the Purple Moon and Under the Cover of Darkness, may have you thinking twice about turning off the lights at night.

Synopsis...Under the Cover of


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